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Elements which might comprise of technical, typographical or sometimes photographic errors. Clean code only.

Online Security

Application misconfigurations, engineer’s coding rehearses could make applications defenseless against digital assaults.

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Orateck Solutions Mobile & Web

A mobile application gives a far more indept and versatile experience to a client than a responsive website. Responsive websites will always be around, but data transmission through applications is 1.5 times faster than through sites. Integrated functionalities, better conversion rates, better customization, offline accessibility, push notifications, and much more…

Customize Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the greatest benefits of turning a website into an app. . Mobile apps allow you to send notifications to everyone who has the app installed.


What We Offer

Website to Mobile App

Secure Versatile Applications that are custom build to our clients needs from Entry Level to Cutting Edge builds. Convert a site into a mobile application, you’re building a possible productive income generator for your business.

Modern Expectations

For the past decade, smartphones have taken over the world, from 3.67 billion in 2016 to 6.26 billion in 2021.

Push Notifications

Send that new price list and new featured item directly to your clients devices.

Client Engagement

You can adapt the app through in-application publicizing, web based business deals, memberships and in-app buys.


Our Approach to your Business

Transparency, Integrity, Loyalty & Honesty

There are a many reasons business morals are fundamental for progress in present day business. In particular, characterized morals programs lay out a set of rules that drives representative way of behaving — from Senior to Center Administration.

Organizations ought to consider themselves responsible and answerable for their natural, altruistic, moral, and financial effects.

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